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Hey there!

How do you go about buying your tickets to shows at the Chance? I want to see a show somewhere near Thanksgiving, I don't think they'd sell out, so I'm unsure if I should buy them online or wait till the day of the show. Also, is it 21 plus? I thought it was all ages, but 21 plus to drink? My friend's playing a show from Boston, and doesn't know I'll be coming, so I just want to surprise him after the show. Do the bands usually come out after the shows? Thanks!
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Well you can buy tickets at the door or online and well to be honest that's it other than the rip-off ticket master outlets outside of the chance. Yea some of the bands go outside, although I've noticed mainly it's to smoke but then again a lot of them come out anyway.
Oooh, I meant like down from the stage into the crowd or whatever, not necessarily outside outside. I'm just wondering if I should tell my friend that I'm coming so he could come meet me afterwards, or I should surprise him.. but I wouldn't want him to leave before even realizing I was there!
You can buy your tickers online I'm pretty sure, but it's a better idea to go there in person when something else is going on, or honestly just to call them> it's easier that way. My mom bought me blue oyster cult cult tix a long time ago and it was off ticket master, but I don't know. The other show I won tickets too off I'm pretty sure it's best by phone.
As for the age thing, there isn't a limit, but there is a bar, and they will proof you there like any other bar. Bands don't usually come out into the place after the show but I'm sure they stick around and you;ll be able to see him. enjoy!